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Born and raised in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil; Humberto Oliveira Sales brings passion, energy, and virtuosic expression to his guitar playing.  Weaving through genres, including a multitude of Brazilian rhythms, Cuban Son and Spanish Flamenco; he transports his audience to other worlds through sound. 

In addition to performing and recording as ‘Beleza’ with vocalist Madeline Holly-Sales, he has a variety of instrumental projects.  He performs solo acoustic guitar for private events, in the Latin and Gypsy Rumba Guitar Duo with Vincent Zorn, and with a variety of percussionists.

Berto studied classical guitar at the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Brazil.  He studied Spanish flamenco with maestro Fernando de la Rua.  His knowledge of the history, technique, and rhythms of regional Brazilian music is profound.  After graduating, Berto taught at the university to groups of guitar and music theory students.  Upon moving to the United States, he taught at Mary Baldwin College and later shifted to his private studio in Charlottesville, Va.  He is known for his depth of knowledge, positive energy and enthusiasm as a teacher.

Berto also teaches a variety of group workshops, including:

+ Latin Guitar - Foundations in Rhythm and Style

+ Guitar Ensemble - Learning Instrumental Pieces in Small Groups

+ Brazilian Rhythms - From Samba to Bossa to Baiao

+ History and Evolution of Brazilian Music

+ Reading Tablature and Basic Notation

+ Expanding the Harmony - Tools for Songwriters to Add New Life to Their Songs

+ Guitar Playing Biomechanics - Find More Freedom and Ease in Your Playing 

Contact Berto at bertoguitar162@gmail.com