Music Workshops

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Both Madeline and Berto are passionate music educators.  They bring knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive energy to their group workshops.  They believe that music and rhythm are a vehicle for both creative expression and strong community building.

In conjunction with performances and demonstrations, they offer a variety of community, corporate and university workshops, including:

The Musical Body - Creative Expression through Sound, Rhythm and Movement

Introduction to Latin Rhythms - Origins and Application

Latin Guitar - Foundations in Rhythm and Style

The Joy of Singing - Freedom and Connection through Breath, Sound, & Singing

Singer’s Playground - Awaken Your Muse through Melodic and Rhythmic Play

Brazilian Guitar Workshop at The University of Virginia

Brazilian Guitar Workshop at The University of Virginia

Guitar Ensemble - Learning Instrumental Pieces in Small Groups

Brazilian Rhythms - From Samba to Bossa to Baiao

Expanding the Harmony - Tools for Songwriters to Add New Life to Their Songs

Guitar Playing Biomechanics - Find More Freedom and Ease in Your Playing 

Singing for Shy Singers - Strengthen Your Foundation to Share Your Voice

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