Photo: Milo Farineau

Photo: Milo Farineau

Madeline Holly-Sales is a vocalist and music educator. She is influenced and inspired by a variety of musical genres, ranging from classical to soul to samba.  Madeline is passionate about helping singers explore the capacity for full creative expression through breath, movement, and sound. She believes that everyone should experience the joy of expressions through music. Her piano lessons incorporate traditional foundations of technique and sight reading, as well as a basic knowledge of chord structure (harmony). Elements of songwriting, rhythm games, and improvisation are woven into her teaching to give students the tools to make music on and off the page.

Madeline’s voice and piano studio is located in Charlottesville, VA.  

To inquire about private lessons, email Madeline at mhollysales@gmail.com.


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After performing as a soloist for many years, Madeline felt a longing to share a connection with others through singing and rhythm. She loves the experience of singing in community, vocal improvisation, movement and body percussion as forms to interact and connect with groups.

Madeline leads community, university, and corporate workshops designed to give participants greater access to their own, authentic creative expression.  She is thrilled to witness the community building that results from the deep listening and group awareness required in making music as a collective.

Workshops include: 

+ The Joy of Singing - Freedom & Connection through Breath, Sound & Song

+ The Musical Body - Creative Expression through Sound and Movement

+ Singer’s Playground - Awaken Your Muse through Melodic and Rhythmic Play

+ Singing for Shy Singers - Develop Strength & Connection to Share Your Voice

+Vocal Meditation - Breath, Sound, and Singing to Deepen Internal Alignment

Contact Madeline at mhollysales@gmail.com

Madeline shares her musings on all things Mind, Body, and Voice on her blog - My Vocal Journey.  It includes topics such as the cultivation of awareness and freedom through the body and voice, the demystification of singing, vocal technique, and the journey towards full self expression, as well as singing video lessons.